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Buying Property In Kefalonia

Buying property in Kefalonia

Buying property in Kefalonia, Greece can be very appealing to many investors because most of the investors are looking of cutting down their cost of livelihood up to 75%. Buying property in Kefalonia is not an easy game, you need do your research and homework to be successful.

Kefalonia, Greece is now regarded as one of the overseas property hot spots. If you are in search of buying property abroad, Kefalonia is one of the best in queue. The scenic beauty, picturesque view and market stability has made Kefalonia, Greece a prime location for property investments.

You need permission, if you want to buy property in Kefalonia, Greece.

Any foreign nationals can purchase property in Greece however the non-European country residents need to procure permission from the local territories in Greece. It sounds very convoluted but the permission can be obtained without any harassment.

Need to appoint a legal representative before you purchase property in Kefalonia, Greece.

Buying property abroad can be risky. Void properties, popularly known as 'us caption' in Greece can be very dangerous. These properties are termed 'void' or 'us caption' because they are not properly registered during the ownership transfers, which will remain unseen without a professional legal representative and turns into nightmare. A professional legal representative or lawyer can surely help you in finding those deadlocks and make you out of it.

Required tax number while buying property in Kefalonia, Greece.

Buyers need to obtain AFM before buying property in Greece. AFM is the tax role number and you can obtain the AFM by presenting your passport to the authority.

Property survey is obligatory before buying property in Kefalonia, Greece.

An independent property survey and research can help you in getting the best price for your Kefalonian property. Proper property survey and research provides you the power to negotiate and highlights the dearth in the property.

Procedure of buying property in Kefalonia, Greece

  • 'Offer' is the first and foremost thing to do for buying the property.
  • Drafting of preparatory contract form.
  • During the time of execution of the property agreement, an amount of up to 8-10% is to be placed.
  • The seller needs to satisfy all requirements under the preparatory contract.
  • Now, both the buyer and seller will sign the final contract.
  • Finally, the final contract will be signed under the jurisdiction of public prosecutor.

Once all are done, sit back and enjoy the advantages of buying property in Kefalonia, Greece. If you need more information on buying property in Kefalonia, please feel free to get in touch with AEC-Group.