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Homes for sale Kefalonia

Homes for sale Kefalonia

In the recent days, housing market is slowly shifting towards the buyer and as a result of which, many of the realtors are making good revenue by flipping real estate. The term "flipping" is very new for buying homes, which stands for renovating them, fixer-uppers, and then selling them at a profit margin. Flipping real estate system is fetching good revenues but not as huge as they once were. Regardless of knowing all the facts beginners are still entering this flipping arena to get success out of it.

Now a question will arise concerning such property is, "How much I need to pay for it?" The answer is diverse for all homes for sale and is not an exact science.
The most common method of calculating MAO [Maximum Allowable Offer] that gives you an idea of the cost of homes for sale after renovation are as follows,

MAO = ARV - Renovation Costs - BSH - profit margin

Repair After Value [ARV]

ARV is the possible price you may get on the sale of the possessions. The ARV [After Repair Value] is the cost of the homes for sale after renovation.
Points to remember

  • To determine this cost, your realtor may be able to help you to compare the prices for homes sold during the period of last 6-10 months.
  • The comparable homes should be located within 1 mile of the preferred property.
  • The comparable homes must be similar in characteristics to the home you desire to purchase.
  • The total area (square footage), features, age of the buildings, architecture and types of rooms presented must be similar.
  • Ignore the difference in the homes for sale conditions.

Renovation Cost

Renovation cost is the cost of renovating the property in order to turn a profit.

Points to remember:

  • Examine the property with your realtor and take remarks.
  • What are changes required in order to compare the property with the other homes for sale?
  • Calculate the expected and unexpected renovation cost and discuss with your professional realtor.
  • Calculate each renovation requirements; add them and you will probably get the renovation cost.

BHS (Buy, sell and hold)

After flipping few homes for sale, you will able to calculate the percentage of ARV to compute these expenses. Buying and selling of home will incur fees like debt collection, appraisers, title search and insurance, attorneys, loan origination fees and many more. Whereas, the holding cost will incorporate insurance, lawn care, utilities and others that you will incur during the purchase of properties and closing of properties.

Profit Margin

MAO or Maximum Allowable Offer is the maximum amount that you will offer on homes for sale. To ensure higher profit margin, you need to offer the lowest amount to the seller to accept on our venture. It is the deal breaker.

If you need more information on Homes For Sale Kefalonia, please feel free to get in touch with AEC-Group.